anarchy in thega: If two stick people had sex, would it start a fire?

hippiebibb: haha
hippiebibb: It could be bad sex
hippiebibb: then
hippiebibb: it’d be all warm
hippiebibb: I’ll end up thinkin abut that question next time I’m having sex

chex010: they should
chex010: i find your profile very amusing

fallingobsession: well ya kno, the friction of sticks causes fire, and depending on just how passionate these stick people are w/ each other, you could very well end up w/ a massive fire…

SilverSpoonThumb: Is it like putting endangered species in the zoo and then making them mate?
SilverSpoonThumb: hmm
SilverSpoonThumb: Go at it, sticks!
SilverSpoonThumb: what if the sticks wore clothes?
SilverSpoonThumb: They’d be all like “It’s getting hot in herre!!!!”
SilverSpoonThumb: and then turn on some strip club music and get nekkid!
SilverSpoonThumb: those are some happy twigs

dolphin peace 24: well due to the fact that stick people lack penises and vaginas, stick people sex would require just two stick people rubbing their stickly bodies together, the friction between them would create a fire just as surely as any good boyscout can create one with two sticks in the middle of the woods

anarchy in thega: sex is good… o.o
anarchy in thega: wait…stick figures?
anarchy in thega: hrmmm… *contemplate*
anarchy in thega: ahhh!!!
anarchy in thega: *beats MSN messenger to death*
SheeponStiltz: no!
SheeponStiltz: focus! ryan ! focus!
anarchy in thega: on what? o.o
SheeponStiltz: the question at hand
SheeponStiltz: you know, the sex??
anarchy in thega: ok, sure =D
anarchy in thega: errr…
anarchy in thega: you weren’t asking for sex, were you?

view of toledo: their stick parts would be rubbing together and the heat created would be more than their small stick parts could handle cause they are so thin and then all of a sudden…..BLAMMO! they burst into a giant stick flame