Auto response from SheeponStiltz: Sometimes I wonder, how my life would be if things were just….different…
NonSubAzn: Well, your life would be, well… different as well.
NonSubAzn: For one, your SN wouldn’t be SheeponStiltz
NonSubAzn: I imgaine it’d be something like KurlyAnimeGal045
NonSubAzn: Only, you wouldn’t be into anime if things were different, you’d be into, umm… mimery
NonSubAzn: So you’d be SilentMimeShhhh
NonSubAzn: But your text color would be white on white.
NonSubAzn: and you would type really slowly and overly exaggerated.
NonSubAzn: You would enjoy pasta salad more than you do now. You wouldn’t have a boyfriend, but you would be OK with that, realizing that you’ll meet Mr.Right eventually