“He was bathed in pure, fresh air and surrounded by silence, the delicious silence of sunset in a clear sky. It was dusk; night was falling, the great liberator, the friend of all those needing darkness to escape from distress. The sky offered a prospect of immense calm; the river lapped at his feet with the sound of a kiss. There was a goodnight mummer from the nests in the trees on the Champ Elysees and a few stars faintly showed in the deepening blue of the sky. The evening bestowed on Jean Valjean all the tenderness of infinity, in that enchanting hour which says neither no nor yes, dark enough for distance to be lost, but light enough for nearness to be seen.
For some moments he was overwhelmed by this serenity, and forgetful of what had passed, all suffering lost in this drowsy glow of dark and light, where his spirit soured. He could not refrain from contemplating the huge chiaroscuro above him, and the majestic silence of the eternal sky moved him to ecstasy and prayer.” -Victor Hugo