Mandy: Be Astute gives Characteristically Cynical Evidence Repeat with Pointed Epigram and Startaling Paradox while Explaining his Views on Morality in Art.
Maxwell Daemon is the story of a space creature who becomes a rock’n’roll messiah, only to be destroyed by his own success. Are you saying this is your destiny? Are you Maxwell Deamon?
Brian: A man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.
Is it your belief that all dandies are homosexual?
Brian: Ha! Nothing makes one so vein as being told one is a sinner.
Tell us Brian, are the rumors true when they tell us you and Curt Wild have some sort of plans up your sleeve?
Brian: Oh yes, quite soon we actually plan to take over the world.
Curt: I raise a glass to the loveliest man in Europe.
Brian: And they tell you it’s not natural.
Curt: The world has changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.