NonSubAzn (6:21:22 PM): Mad props to you and you ness
NonSubAzn (6:22:48 PM): Those props are redeemable later for valuable prizes, so don’t lose them. We cannot be held responsible for any lost props.
NonSubAzn (6:25:27 PM): one prop is worth a surprising amount. Much more than a Kudo or a brownie point. I think 10 props is worth a coffee mug of moderate coolness, 20 will get you a squirt gun, and mad amounts are worth a number of different things.
NonSubAzn (6:27:27 PM): I designed it to be the ideal system for prop distribution and reclamation
NonSubAzn (6:29:46 PM): No, anyone with a prop distribution license can draw from a pool of props and distribute at will.
NonSubAzn (6:30:05 PM): We had to institute the licensing system to check the prop inflation
SheeponStiltz (6:31:04 PM): and where/how is this license attained?
NonSubAzn (6:31:56 PM): clip & save:
| Prop Distribution License|
| Expires : 12.21.2012 |