theredsnymph1289: lauren, i have prepared a letter for your reading…please enjoy
theredsnymph1289: Dear Lauren,
theredsnymph1289: I guess you understand that you are receiving this letter because I am at school and you are not. Sure, sure. You contracted a “deadly” stomach virus. It couldn’t have been deadly enough.enough, seeing as it has been 5 days and you are still not holding up your part (the “dead” part) of the deal. you will receive another letter for that later.
theredsnymph1289: Not only are you NOT dead, but you are MiB. Not a “Man in Black” , but “Missing in Boredom”. Sure, you may be pleased with your pseudo sickness, but the rest of us (your friends) are dying of boredom in school. This is not fair. Misery loves company…where’s my company, lauren? thats right. At home throwing around their kitty. Probably their temp puppies, too.
theredsnymph1289: To conclude, i would like to express a brief show of appreciation for your health. It’s now over. So, get your butt to school so you can give me stuff, make yourself available for accessive humiliation, etc. (Etc includes hair pulling, butt kickin, and other forms of friend induced torture.) thank you for your time and literacy.
theredsnymph1289: sincerly
theredsnymph1289: Tracey Rose
theredsnymph1289 signed off at 1:14:04 PM.