These are quoted from The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder.

“In 2001, President Bush almost prevented the worse terrorist attack in history. He invaded Afghanistan and almost captured Osama Bin Laden. He invaded Iraq and almost found Weapons of Mass Destruction.
When it comes to terrorism, isn’t almost good enough?
Re elect President Bush!

“Oh sure…John Kerry promises a lot of things…but President Bush does things…almost…
He almost prosecuted corporate crome…almost created lots of new jobs…and almost left no child behind.
When it comes to results, isn’t almost good enough?
Vote President Bush.

“President Bush has a ‘Moon Base’ plan that is almost feasible…John Kerry has no ‘Moon Base’ plan whatsoever.
When it comes to the Moon Base, isn’t almost good enough?
Vote President Bush.

“John Kerry is fluent in several languages. He probably speaks French… President Bush speaks only one language, but that language is good ol’ fashioned American English, and he almost speaks it real well…
And when it comes to English, isn’t almost good enough?