Three American scientists were exploring the jungle, when they were captured by a tribe of natives. The natives told them that they were going to kill each one of them, but to be fair, the natives would tell each of the scientists what they would do with their dead bodies, and the scientists could choose how they died. “Okay,” they said to the first man. “We’re going to take your head and stick it on a spike and parade it around our village after your dead.”
“Well if you’re going to cut off my head anyway, why don’t you just decapitate me?” So the natives cut his head off. To the second man they said, “We’re going to cut your body up into tiny pieces and eat it after you’re dead.”
“Well, I have my gun with me. Can I just shoot myself in the head first?”
“Sure,” the natives said, and the man shot himself in the head. To the third guy, they said, “We’re going to skin you and make a canoe out of it.”
“Okay,” the guys said. “I want you to take this fork and stab me with it until I die.”
“But….thats the most painful way to die. Why would you want to die like that?”
“So I can ruin your fucking canoe!”