The hardest assignment I have given myself for Lent is to forgive my roommate. I removed said roommate from my life about a month ago after he refused to pick me up from the Philadelphia train station as he had promised, and instead sat at home and ate pizza, leaving me alone in a strange city at night in the rain. When faced with my rejection, he decided to lash out by using my shower loofa an unknown number of times.
Needless to say, truly forgiving this man will be a difficult task.

I began by speaking to him. We are three days into the broken silent treatment, and so far, so good. He is currently at the grocery store, buying me food. I did not ask him to do this.

    In addition to being nice in my everyday life, I am also doing the nice assignments from Operation Nice. Imagine my surprise this morning when I open up my e-mail to learn that it is Random Acts of Kindness Week. How convenient.

    In accordance with Op-Nice, I made Valentines for everyone in the office, and my friends who I had mailing addresses for.

    V-day Cards

    Aren’t they cute? See, they even come with puppy and kitty temp. tattoos.

    Here’s what they looked like when they were all done:


    I hope everyone’s super excited when they get them.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I slipped up on day 2, and told Andrea (my other roommate) that her computer wasn’t working because she’s the one using it. It’s true, but it’s not nice. Sorry Jesus.