My BFF came up with a spectacular idea a few years ago, that she just now told me about.

Basically, the idea is that everyone would have a business card that they carried around with them with 15 basic, important facts you must know about them in order to interact with them. When one meets a new person, they immediately hand him or her one of these cards, and save each other a lot of fumbling around.

Here’s what mine would say:

1. I consider myself mean-nice. If I like you, I will playfully insult you, a lot. If I don’t like you, I’ll treat you as if you don’t exist.

2. I love being productive.

3. I hate being bored, and find boring people just as unsatisfying. I’m of the mindset that no one’s really boring, so when I find someone who truly bores me, it’s that much more irritating.

4. I am confident to a fault. Some people find this intimidating.

5. I will be honest with you. Super honest. It’s probably best if  you don’t lie to me, as well.

6. Don’t encourage my crazy whims unless you truly want them to happen.

7. I don’t have a problem with your lifestyle unless it affects my own.

8. If you can speak intelligently on a topic, I will listen.

9. I like animals. It will not be pleasant to your ears if  you run over an animal while I’m in the car with you. I don’t mind you eating meat around me, but stay away from Veal and lamb, and don’t show me any dead, dying, or suffering animals in any medium.

10. I like books and movies. A lot.

11. You will not understand the relationship between me and my dog until you see us together. If you don’t like my dog, we’re no longer friends.

12. I have very complicated and unresolved issues with religion. I’m willing to have a discussion about any religious topic, but if you plan on attacking my beliefs or my approach to religion, you’re making an enemy.

13.I’m stubborn.

14. If you need something, I’ll do my best.

15. I’m not gonna say you’ll like me, but people tend to.