If you have been keeping up at all with the Surprise Art Challenge, you know that Appel Farm sent packages of recycled materials to various artists to use in their creative endeavors. Seventeen of these artists sent us back wondrous works of art for our gallery showing on May 15th.
Throughout the week, I received tons of mailings, as well as artists coming by to drop off their work. The sheer diversity of the art, as well as the craftsmanship that went into each piece floored me. I was then faced with the task of attempting to make the gallery space look nice enough to even display these pieces. I ended up deciding to center each piece between the artist’s bio and piece description and the artist’s blog post (if he or she did one).

At the door, viewers were greeted with a short description of the work and the project:

What am I looking at?

Good Question. First and foremost, you’re looking at art. Regardless of the circumstance, the work in this room shows copious amounts of creativity and skill that would be considered art under any definition. But let me be more specific.

Two months ago, Appel Farm put out a call to artists to participate in a “Surprise Art Challenge.” The premise of the challenge was that each artist would receive a package in the mail, with no clues as to its contents, except that it would be filled with recycled materials that they could make art out of. The artists would then have a month to make their piece and return it to Appel Farm for the gallery showing. You are at that gallery showing.

Appel Farm then went on a quest to local businesses, begging for unused, recyclable goods. The three companies you see on the wall were kind enough to donate. We received a plethora of materials such as old New Jersey maps, fine glasses, bottle caps, puzzles, toy cars, and much more. We sent out packages to each of the 28 participating artists and began the month-long wait for the show.

Many of the artists were very surprised at the contents of their packages. Some gave up immediately, while others left the materials for a time in order to let their creative juices flow. In the end, approximately twenty artists made pieces for the showing, and Appel Farm is gushing with pride at the results of the challenge.

Take a look around. We hope you enjoy this as much as we have.

The turn out on the night of the event was only about 10 people. They came in two shifts–the people who got there around 8 and those that got there around 9:30 or so. Throughout the weekend, however, we had a lot of people filtering through. In fact, on Monday when I went to clean up the space, I found three people in the gallery looking at the work. Here’s a glimpse of what they saw:

On the wall to the left-hand side was the sponsor thank-you. As you know, our sponsors were Bogart’s Bookstore, Glassboro Thrift Village, and Steakouts.

Trudi Herman

204 Paul Dr.
Moorestown, N.J. 08057
(856) 722-1085

Born in N.Y.C. Attended Washington Irving H.S., majoring in fine art, scholarship winner to Jamesine Franklin School of Fine and Applied Arts, (B.A.) then attended The Art Students League, with Reginald Marsh. In Baltimore, worked in classes with Donald Coles. Following the early space program with her husband (Engineer), in Florida took classes at Brevard College. In her adopted city of Philadelphia, she attended classes at Tyler School of Art.

In Philadelphia, busy with two children, she planned and taught the after school art program of Cheltenham Township. At this happy and productive time, a very serious illness hit that curtailed her activities for several years.
Her work is represented in collections in N.Y.C., Florida, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. She has taken part in many group and individual shows, the latest which was at the Burlington County Library Gallery. Membership in art organizations include: Artist’s Equity, The Water Color Club, Philadelphia and Woodmere Museums.
At present, besides her commission work, she designs special lamps which her husband creates. They volunteer together at many local and downtown theaters. For fifteen years she been a Literacy Volunteer, also working with young children to improve their reading skills. Currently she is very interested in poetry classes and reading.
Artist’s Quote: “In my work, I seek the joy to be found in the events of every day life.”

Johnny Angel

By Sandra Koberlein

I consider myself a creative person who is amused by experimenting with various materials. Due to my love of experimenting, my pieces take on many forms which include painting, printmaking, mixed-media collage and sculpture. Currently, my favorite materials are recycled, found objects. I enjoy repurposing objects that would otherwise go into a landfill; using these objects not only serves as recycling, but also adds interest and dimension to my work.

A friend of mine told me about this “Surprise Art Challenge” and I immediately jumped on board. It sounded like a fun project. As it turned out, it was much more of a challenge than I imagined. There was a lot of problem solving involved with this piece. The box of materials arrived on my porch and the challenge began. In the box I found a NJ state map, the front half of a Danielle Steele novel “Johnny Angel”, a champagne glass, approximately one dozen misc. puzzle pieces, a red match box race car, an odd black velvet car box and 2 odd scraps of fabric.

Right away, I thought of the artist Marcel Duchamp with his “readymades”. Duchamp is for his work where he used found objects and assembled them together calling them art. This idea to be is fascinating since objects can be given a new purpose through art.

To begin, I gathered all the materials in one spot and considered how they would get utilized. I knew for sure the box the items came in would be the base of the sculpture and that the map would be decoupaged over the box. I had no idea what to do with the book until one day out of boredom I decided to read it. it was from there the idea of using “Johnny Angel” as the title of my piece was born. In the story, Johnny was the perfect male. Everyone loved him, especially his girlfriend. It was so cliche that I had to go with it!

The rest of the materials were used in various ways. One piece of fabric was used to rag paint onto the area below “Johnny” and to clean my brushes as I painted the rest of the sculpture. That piece of fabric is now inside the bottom window. The other piece is the cape on the female figure. The champagne glass was used to stamp circle shapes on the sides of the box and then broken and placed in the drawer and the window area since the story states there was a car crash and glass was everywhere. Words from the book were used to create “the perfect male” doll and also on the frame around and inside the window. The odd black velvet car box sits behind “the perfect male” doll. I purchased wings for the sculpture since I thought it really needed them to complete the visual story.

I really enjoyed working on this “Surprise Art Challenge” not only because it forced me to create, but also because of the creative challenge!

Sandra Koberlein

A Good Morning

Claudia Tung

Claudia Tung graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts during the time when Keith Haring painted graffiti and everyone wanted to be a famous illustrator. At the time she experimented with pastels, colored pencil drawings and computer fine art to name a few.

She had the opportunity to show her pieces in the Duggal Gallery, Digital Salon Show, and the Coffee Works Cafe’.
With her knowledge in many mediums she is currently working in 3-D mixed media with a passion for abstract art. Her art is an expression on how she feels about life around her.
For the past either years, she has been teaching Hebrew classes at Temple Beth El in Hammonton, New Jersey, and for 3 years worked in the Winslow Township School District as a Teacher’s Assistant for preschool. She is currently a Student Aide for a child with Autism in their middle school.
My art inspiration has been from the children I’ve encountered. They create art with the simplest of ease. Claudia lives in Atco, New Jersey with her husband David, daughter Sierra, and her son Dillon.

Artist Statement

Currently, I am working in many mediums, because I enjoy the science of watching what happens when mixing mediums together. My mixed media piece “A Good Morning” is made up of mostly glazed paper and painted paper with pieces of broken objects. Smashing the larger objects that i received gave me the ability to use them in a mosaic style as well as an illustrative style.
I have even worked with my mistakes, because I can intertwine it into my artwork.
My favorite part of looking for inspiration is the color of objects, and its textures, such as leaves, insects, and animals. There is a different sense of beauty looking at textures in this way. I am also inspired by the artwork of children. Watching children draw and paint is a delight because it is nature at its best.

Too Full
Emma Frost


Emma Frost: I am a 12 about to be 13 year old girl. I heard about this art project through the Appel Farm websiteand thought it would be a fun thing to do. I have attended Appel Farm for two years and am going back this summer. I like to: hang out with friends, play sports (soccer, basketball, lacrosse, ect.), listen to music, paint, play the drums and trumpet, and do many more things. This project gave me a chance to compare my work to the work of others, which will help me grow in the field of art. Appel Farm is and always will be like second home to me. I have already made friends for life and can’t wait to see what this summer brings.

My work...why

My work: I interpreted the pieces I was given in an odd way. As soon as I saw the glass and the bottle caps I knew what I wanted to do. I named the sculpture “Too Full”, because when you fill a glass too much it will tip over and spill, like in my artwork. The objects on the plate are supposed to represent a cultured mind. When I say too full, I am referring to your mind being overwhelmed with a lot of things and becoming “Too Full”, till it tips. That is what, and why I named and did with my art what I did.

How they were used

What I did with the pieces: In the package I received: puzzle pieces, parts of a book, bottle caps, fabric, a glass, a plate, an egg carton, a map and Tonka truck. I used the puzzle pieces to help show the cluttered mind; they are on the plate in the jumbled mess. The bottle caps were used as all of the little things that filled up the mind, or in my art’s cast, the glass. A piece of fabric was used to cover the plate, and make it look fancy. In the package I got a book that was town in half, I used it as a book handmade it to look like it wasn’t ripped. The glass in my piece represents the mind being tipped over, along with the plate which is full of stuff and can’t hold anymore. Another thing that was given to me was a map. This map was cut up, and I used it for a bookmark. Lastly I had to incorporate a Tonka truck into my art. The way I did this was by dismantling it and using parts. On the plate are silver pieces that I pulled off the truck, and on the bottom of the book are tires from the truck weighting how the page. The egg carton is on the bottom and simply used asa a support for the book. That is how I incorporated all of the pieces into my work.

The Pitman High School National Art Honor Society

“She suddenly wanted nothing but cocaine, then more cocaine.”

“Something to Hide”

“Half the women in town were in love with him.”

“She’d spent the night in the arms of this man.
He leaned over and kissed her gently.
‘Give me your hand.’
‘Actually, I’m not interested in marriage.'”

“For one blazing moment Sage longed to have

“Halting, uncertain, she went back
She couldn’t face meeting him.
Not yet.”


“He followed her
His face was bloodless.
deviltry in his eyes.
Her blood boiled.
With a strangled cry she pulled away,”


Kristen Bossert

My name is Kristen Bossert. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. My parents discovered my talent at age 6. I have always enjoyed art of all kinds. I took painting classes from age 6-18.

I went to Moore College of Art and trained to be a Graphic Designer, minoring in Painting.

About 10 years ago I started creating jewelry. I have created Holiday ornaments almost every year for the last 12 years for my family and friends or to give as gifts. I enjoy Graphic Design which includes; signage postcards, direct mail pieces, packaging, logos, brochures, and corporate identities also making jewelry, hand-painted scarves, painting, drawing, flower arranging, creating holiday ornaments, making cards, creating pocketbooks, decorating interiors, fashion, pretty much anything that I can put my creativity into. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did creating it!

How I used the pieces sent to me:

Pieces sent to me:

Wine Glass, Christmas Card, 2 Pieces of Material, Matchbox Car, Puzzle Pieces, Bottle Caps, Book Pages, A Map, A Pamphlet, and A Book Cover

How I used the pieces sent to me:

Baby Penguin Sculpture:
Round Coke bottle and pages of the book: Head
Wine Glass: For armature of sculpture
Christmas Card: For the wings
1st piece of material: For penguin’s back
2nd piece of material: As covering for the wings
Matchbox Car: Penguin’s beak and eyes
Puzzle Pieces: Penguin’s feet
Book Pages, Map & Pamphlet: Crumples up as stuffing for the penguin’s body
Book Cover: As the base for the sculpture
Puzzle Pieces, Bottle Caps, Preview pages from the backs of old calendars, chain and beads

Kristen T. Bossert
Graphic Artist
138 Treeline Drive
Deptford, NJ 08096
home: 856.401.4075
cell phone: 215.880.9000

I dreamt of an indigo bunting

a book of beautiful faces

Melissa Sauk


I was afraid to say YES to this challenge. The excuses were as follows: I can’t do it. I don’t have enough time. We just finished the craziness of tax season (my husband is an accountant). I don’t know what to make. I have to mail it from here to there. I’ll have to pay to have it mailed there and back to me. People could laugh at me and think my art is pathetic. I can’t do it. I’m not good enough. I still don’t have enough time. I definitely don’t have the energy. I’m not THAT creative. It’s spring and I have yard work to do. I’m too tired. I’m too scared.

“Keep on making your way…
even if you have to tip-toe on the Stars!

But there was another conversation that kept rolling around: This is an opportunity. This is a challenge. You say you want to teach others how to draw and paint, but you’re too afraid to draw and paint. You tell others to believe in themselves, but you’re not believing in yourself. You didn’t seek this out, they contacted you. Maybe this is The Universe opening a door for you. Do you really want to close it because of blah (see excuse list above).

It’s okay to be black & white. Black & white is Beauty-full

dreamed of.
all afternoon
each had
he was free
She knew
just grateful it
he leaned over and kissed her.

Pull out (top): Life nests in my hair

Pull out (left): God rests in my ❤

Then I decided: I’m not going to participate. I began an email to decline. But for some reason, I accepted. I literally wrote something like: I’m scared to do this, but I’m going to.

A Star fell from the sky and rested on her chest

And I did. I began working on April 19th. I worked longer and harder than I’d ever worked before, artistically speaking. At first, I was almost totally in. There were still doubts, but I ignored them. The energy and passion was high for the first two weeks. Then the third week hit.

she spent her time. Watching miracles.

I treasure my female self!

I began to look for excuses to “get out of it.” I pressed past that feeling every time it came up. I took some time off. I still worked hard, but I took rests. I believed it would get done. I asked for help around the house from my teenaged daughter. I called my friends. I asked for help from my higher powers – I asked a ton of help from that source! I received help in little ways and big ways. I kept myself in line. I watched my own thoughts. I just kept believing the work would get done. I kept working.



I looked
ahead &
what did
I see?
days of
rain &
days of sun
Paint pix
pencil in
my hands
doing &
being all
things await
my heart
my mind
my soul to …
& they’re in the
state of creating
I see all this &
more to see much
more to be mine


Pull out tab: I sat under the new
moon & wrote naked poetry

Now, it’s Wednesday, May 12th. The project itself is complete. There are still things I’m pressing through though. Will it hold together? I don’t know. What if the yarn that I tied the pages with breaks? I don’t know. What will people think if it does break? I don’t know and I can’t care about that. I still have to go to the post office and go through the process of sending it. That might not sound like a big deal, but for some reason for me, it is. I also have other things going on in my life that are causing me stress and making me want to curl up and take a nap instead of doing this or anything. But the wiser me knows: Being this close, I can’t give up now. That would just be plain old silly.

I shall be whole

know a
We are what’s the matter with our youth!

So, if you’re reading this, Hi! I kept my word. I said YES and I kept saying YES. What will you be afraid of and say YES to anyway?

One good
wing can
make a

I hold my
secret in
my pocket
Pull out tab: If time can fly, so can I!!


Miss Meliss



she seemed unusually wise
the answer.
had blossomed over
her fourteen years.
made her smile.
that’s all.”

purple hair
curled up
& around my gaze soft & waiting for you
will you see me inside or will you only see my
outer shell?

Swirly Girl

i am Art

Paint flows through my
Soul & out my flesh &
onto every
single thing
I touch
Art is my religion

She had just woken up, with the youngest son on her. head she felt as thought she were making a connection
each smiled when she saw her
for the first time in her life
and she
to talk to her.
be deep in
conversation with
with this,

“I think you have more power than you think.”

Lean toward
the sacred

& on the out
side & all

make room for the moon

glitter girl


YES Pull out tab: Her heart was full of the emotions of the evening, and the wonder- of moonlight dreams,

full flowing
to over


faeries fluttered in her soul

go to midnight lay in bed
sprawled out and silent the moment
She had always dreamed of
night, curled up next to her,
and into a deep sleep until morning.
“I’ll always love you, she whispered,
but with a sense of love and peace and let- ting go.

Places I have been
Pull out tab: My lips longed to sing the bird’s song!

How to fly
1. find your wings
2. flap your wings
(brand-new angel.)
3. let go of the ground

Let yourself
on the top branches
open the door

grateful for the moment

Time is black & white
We bring color to it.

Over the
hill is the
possibility for
anything &

Pull out tab: There is beauty to be found in the darkenss

fly you

clouds spilled on her cheeks,

I open like a flower See what grows inside me

in the garden of my mind lilacs loved me

it touched her heart to see
forever after,

Pull out tab: Soak up, Soak in, allow life to
record its words into your flesh!


the flow of memories that tumbled
to summer,
to France for a month
good wines,
sat next to her for holidays
and chatted with her briefly
Listening to her,
and he
all over






Pull out tab: It’s belief that gets us there

What should I say about a tilted head expression? Do you know
what’s in her heart, behind her penciled eyes? It is hopes
are there dreams, what about green leaf experiments?
The truth is that it’s all there.
waiting to be discovered.
found heard felt
understood. It’s
all there for


inside I
am a blue
sky with
fluffy white
clouds softly
to the place
clouds go

release your heart into the world


As women, we are all born
innate-ly Royal


is always the answer

feeling the warmth of seeing
her younger
Self in flight

All girls should have sparkly red shoes!

the summer

baskets with good spirits
that afternoon, sweetheart.
innocence. in a whisper,
euphoric evening so full of life, fell into silence,

me looking off toward the distant
bubbles bursting full of good
ness all around my sweet
face on the rapture of
Life I call &
embrace the
as a lover
we live with &
among each
others selves
being & seeing
all that unfolds
before our divine eyes
we have forever you cry out
I smile with my perfect
lips & then you take
a taste my sugar
enters your
veins then
you tell
me of the ecstasy that I am
I marvel at the joy I gave to life

Wild child


Holly Doyle

Mount Holly, NJ


2010 Appel Farm Surprise Art Challenge

I have worked with many artistic ventures over the years but I have found my niche as a recycled artist. It is exciting for me to see items that others might discard being reused again. I enjoy the process of recreating them.

After displaying my creations at various art/craft shows throughout the are for many years, I recently opened Jersey Made, a retail store in Mount Holly that features all handmade items by New Jersey artists. There are currently over 30 artists on display. I also enjoy teaching others to create and have started several classes at Jersey made that include scrapbooking, altered books, artist trading cards, jewelry making and a kids class.This challenge has been great for me. Although I stepped out of the box with it, I also used a box to create a checkerboard set that I have titled “King Me”.

“King Me” features all of the items that were sent to me as part of the challenge. Bottlecaps & puzzle pieces were used as checker pieces. Flip them over when you have been ‘kinged’. The sequins from the bow on the black were cut off and used to fill the bottlecaps. The magazine became the folding checkerboard that slips inside the old wooden wine box. A reused clipboard became the lid and was covered with pages of the partial book. The dragon belt was painted and used as part of a closure so that the clipboard could slide on and off to get the pieces from inside. The stemware glass is inside to hold some of the pieces along with a miniature recycling container. The back cover of the book was used to make a pad for keeping score. The polyester fabric piece was used to dab paint on one side of the wine box. The remainder of the box was covered with a New Jersey map. A rubber stamp of the crown was used to decorate and complement the “King Me” theme. One wheel of the car was used to decorate the clipboard. “King Me is a recycled journey into the old traditional game of checkers.

Finish Line

John Kwasizur

This past Fall I taught both a kids Saturday Morning Class and the Adult Monday evening class at Appel Farm. I continue to pursue my interest in ceramics by attending Rowan University.
The work I submitted for the APPEL FARM SURPRISE ART CHALLENGE can be tited “FINISH LINE” if a name is needed. I decided to use the PRIORITY MAIL BOX that contained the various items to be used because I wanted a large, dominate piece on which to build. The project was fun to do.

Reguards, John Kwasizur

Next came the second piece from the Pitman High School Honor Society

I was very sad to find that this was the only photo I took of this piece. Heartbreaking, as it was a very cool piece.

Planting Behind the Wall

Doris Nogueira-Rogers

“I decided that all elements of my piece should follow the concept of the project. So, I used wood left over from previous works as the base. Every material I pulled out of the package was a “surprise”. How fun!

The children’s eyes, cut out of a “parents” magazine, got me going. My work developed piece by piece as I discovered each of the materials. At the end I guess a landscape-like work is a homage to Appel Farm.

May 5, 2010

Doris Nogueira-Rogers was born in Brazil, where she graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janerio in 1973. As a multimedia artist her work presents thematic variety, not excluding any possible technique to reach a desired result. Living in the Philadelphia area since 1978, Doris has worked as an artist, arts advocate, arts administrator, educator and curator. She has exhibited her works nationally and internationally.

Appel Farm Surprise Art Challenge

Tracey Esposito


My name is Tracy Esposity, and I am a freelance painter and accessories artist. My business is called The Tote Trove, and I have an Etsy shop, www.thetotetrove.etsy.com, and participate in several juried art and craft shows throughout the year. I am drawn to anything colorful, embellished and quirky and often incorporate these elements in my creations.
When I received my package of stuff from Appel Farm, I didn’t know what to think. I even considered just bowing out of the whole challenge. But I realized I wouldn’t be much of an artist if I did that. So I dug deep in my imagination and decided I could use all of the pieces in a sort of school project-style jungle pieces. I went out and bought green foam board and clay. (If that doesn’t take you back to the fourth grade, then I don’t know what will.) I used the books from the package as backdrop anchors, gluing painted trees on one and the front of the map of New Jersey that came in the package (it featured a sunset over water) on the other. I hung the remnants of some of my own handmade necklaces from the backdrop, as they were made of handmade paper beads strung with green ribbon and seemed both tropical and appropriate for the recycled art theme. I decoupaged turquoise tissue paper onto the foam board to make a river, then glued on the puzzle pieces from the package, which I’d painted blue, finishing it off with a coat of glitter glue. I made a bridge from construction paper an old gum box and glued on the toy car that came in the package (because what jungle doesn’t have a sports car speeding through it?) I painted the bottle caps and tee shirt fabric from the package and arranged them to look like flowers, throwing in some rhinestones from my own. As for the glass, I painted it blue and glued a few tissue paper flowers in the center to make a sort of birdbath-slash-fountain. Finally, I used large tissue paper flowers and construction paper palm fronds to create foliage behind the backdrops.
All in all, I don’t think it turned out too badly. It was fun to challenge myself to make trash pretty. I’m glad I didn’t give up!

Swimming in Sicily

Joanne Ruggeri

864 President Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215




School of Visual Arts, New York, NY BFA 1981
Bennington College, Bennington, VT, MFA studies 1993
Also studied at Greenwich House Pottery, New York, NY: Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY;Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, North Edgecomb, ME

I am a ceramic artist, encaustic painter, and mixed media collagist. Although I consider my first and primary medium to be clay, for the past two years I have been working primarily in encaustic paint and mixed media. Currently I am working on an exhaustive series of autobiographical pieces using my family background and history as the primary theme.
I am a second generation daughter of a Sicilian-American father and an Eastern European Jewish mother. I was inspired to begin this series of collages after cleaning out my mother’s apartment when she passed away in January 2008. Stored away in her home were boxed and boxes of old family photos that date back as early as 1918, religious items, handwritten journals belonging to my Sicilian grandfather, Italian dictionaries and books, and other ephemera, mostly from the Italian side of my family.
Utilizing photocopies of the original photos, journals, and books I am creating works that evoke a sense of history, place, family, dreams, memory, and identity. Each piece is a very personal vignette about my personal history., However, they do not tell a literal story, as my work is far from representational. Rather they depict pieces and fragments of the many moments in time that have been captured either in words, photos, or by a personal item once belonging to someone long gone.

How I approached the "challenge"

When receiving the box of materials to be used in the art challenge, I originally thought that the piece I would make would not center around my usual theme and I would just have fun trying something different. However, as I toyed with the puzzle pieces, bottle caps, magazine clippings, ect., I found that I was able to incorporate them with other materials in my studio and transform them into a piece that is thematically related to the rest of my work.
The map of New Jersey became an ersatz map of Italy by cutting out the names of the Italian provinces and gluing them on. The bubble wrap and broken glass became New York’s East River with fish floating by. I placed a page of journal writing in the middle of the composition and worked around that, adding an old photo of my father with a crushed bottle cap bearing the letter ‘F’ (for his name, Felice) above his head. In the upper right hand of the composition there is a copy of my childhood home address written in my mother’s hand from a postcard she and my father sent us from Italy in 1970. All he elements of the collage are held together and integrated with encaustic paint, which also gives the piece a textural depth and visceral appeal.

Trophy for Ideal Mother

Eiko Fan

I used jigsaw puzzle pieces, beer caps, fabrics, Anotomy pages, letters from N.J. map. Bottom of goblet sits inside of the glass cup.

The sculpture is about myself as an artist, a mother, and a daughter. A dragonfly represents my father, a small painting of my house, my mother. My children’s faces, and accomplishment. The sculpture wears a small wood sculpture costume from my performance, Live Wood Sculpture. The figure is made of a floral oasis foam and kitchen aluminum foil.

-Eiko Fan

Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa

Cassie O’Malley’s Suitcase–Ode to Amelia

Lori Raggio

That’s all Folks! Hope you enjoyed this lovely internet art show. Thank you to all of our artists and our sponsors. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.