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Working on a college campus, I see all levels of professionals–from students to people who have been working in their fields for over fifty years. When a lady walks into my venue I can immediately tell if she is a student or a working professional by looking at one thing–the length of her skirt.

I’m all for showing skin and being sexy. In fact, I actually like short skirts, but there’s a time and a place (at least for me). The sad part is seeing these girls in their business suits, trying very hard to be taken seriously by those around them when something so simple as a mid-thigh length skirt is blatantly pegging them as students.

In a professional environment, at the shortest, your skirt should be three inches above the top of the knee. This can, of course, be amended within reason by wearing dark pantyhose. If your skirt doesn’t even cover your ass, then you’re wasting your time putting it on in the morning. You might as well just wear your suit jacket with just leggings.  (Which might actually make for a cool look, kind of like this look by Jasmin Rodriguez. It’s not professional, but it’s hot.)

So while there may be a very subtle difference between this:

and this:

Your employers and co-workers will notice the difference.