America has always been known as a country with a flexible class system in which intelligent, hard working people can come to and make a life for themselves; After all, it’s the American Dream. Undoubtedly, times are changing. Between our in-the-pit economy, outsourcing, the crashed housing market, high unemployment ect. ect., the middle class is on the outs, separation between rich and poor, hard to get ahead, bla bla bla…

So how does a genuine, passionate gay boy from the projects get ahead in today’s economy? I think Antoine Dodson answers that question quite well.

I’m being dead serious. Honey bought a house for his family, so they could move out of the projects where his sister was in danger of being raped. He got some fine extensions, and even got to perform at the BET awards.

This is, of course, in addition to the fame that the internet provided him–with song remixes, Halloween costumes, and even spin-off memes

What Antoine encountered is no longer a freak occurrence. I’m sure he majority of us could easily spot David After Dentist and Double Rainbow guy if we saw them on the street. Likewise, they (or other people in their lives) have found ways to live on their interfame.

Other members of our lovely interweb are making money on their brains. Bloggers such as Jezebel and Jennifer McCreight (or Blag Hag) have developed internet fame on their ideas and writing skill alone. Between these extremes lie people like Mark Zukerburg and Eric Nakagawa (creator of icanhascheezburger) who have made famous sites.

All of the above are presumably banking on their talents thanks to the internet–whether it’s their talent for being wacky, their commentary on the world, or their ability to make a product that people love to use. So as our culture moves closer and closer to an internet-run society, is the web the Everyman’s new way to achieve the American Dream?