The end of any free time I had…

Yesterday, google launched, and ladies all over the US were simultaneously ecstatic and saddened by what it would inevitably do to their lives. It’s essentially personalized shopping that Google does for you. You begin by answering a questionnaire. The first half of this questionnaire consists of you rating two competing pictures, telling the site which look you think is more you, then you tell them what silhouettes, colors, patterns, and brands you like. Boutiques then creates a storefront for you, collecting items it believes you’ll like. From there on out, the site works like Netflix. You can tell Boutiques what you like and dislike about the items in your boutique and you can browse other boutiques and do the same for their items.

A lot of the items they’ve shown me thus far are out of my price range, but a few things have been golden. They also haven’t gotten my style just right. This site, however, is an example of when technology has become too good. The more you use this site, the more it learns your tastes and the better it becomes. Soon, this site is not saving you time, but eating up any free time you once had.