(609): Its 4 am and he honestly tried throwing pizza at his ceiling for decorations

So, you’re having a party and you’re terrible at planning? Well, let’s talk about last-minute party decorations.

First off, it’s important to not think about the party until the last possible moment. You’ve probably asked your guests to BYOB, and we can assume your house is relatively clean or that your guests have seen it in its current state if it’s not.

Once you’ve realized, “Oh shit, we’re gonna need ice,” and you’ve run to the store, go ahead and pick up some balloon string or even some plain ol’ ribbon. If you already have some of this at your house, say from a party one of your roommates actually planned for, even better!

Crumple as much of this ribbon/balloon string/POS into a ball as possible–the more tangled the better, and throw it atop the nearest high place. It could be a coat hook, a shelf, a light, or the fan.

And Voilà! There you have it, amazing last minute party decorations.

You will be the envy of all your friends, and people will talk about your party for times to come.