Dear WordPress,

FoodPress is great. I can go on there when I feel like cooking or baking and find random recipes that tend to turn out okay. If I’m planning ahead, this will, for the most part, work. I can read the recipe, make a list of ingredients, go to the store… But seriously, do you know how much work that takes?

When I have 30 minutes between leaving work and arriving wherever I have to be with a dish, FoodPress is not going to help me. When it’s nearing payday, making an unnecessary trip to the grocery store just ain’t happenin’. At that point I need a meal I can make out of vodka and Cheerios or Easy Mac and hot sauce.

So here is what I suggest: You know how you have those categories of frequent tags on the left hand sidebar? You need to add “College Food” or “College Eating.” That way, all of us like-minded youngsters can share out adventures of last-minute pullin’ shit together, or even recipes we made while intoxicated. In fact, you could even consider naming the tag, “Drunk,” or “How to get fucked up and eat.”

This is going to be great for everyone involved. I promise.