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Kindergarten Teacher’s Salary

“Based on the predictive value of future educational accomplishment, earnings, and general happiness, a good kindergarten teacher’s contribution to society should be valued at about $320,000 a year.” -Mark Warren in Esquire, Dec. 2010 discussing economist’s Raj Chetty’s work

Abe Schoener’s Wine

The man who made this wine, Abe Schoener, used to teach college students ancient philosophy. Now, after a midlife career change, he runs the Scholium Project, a winery rooted in the philosophical believe that only be experimenting at the precipice of disaster can we challenge our understanding of what wines can be--and create new ones. So while most of the wine industry sits on its hands, constrained by orthodoxy and the bottom line, Schoener, forty-nine, explores the outer limits of each wine's microbiological potential.
-Robert Willey in Esquire Dec. 2010 

Sir, I would like to try your wine.