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Via tricia will go places 


Inspired by Gala Darling’s 2010 Style Direction, I decided to make my own:

Mad Hatters in Glitterazzi

The Recipe: Glitter Porno Chic + Glamour

This girl, she lives in your town. You occasionally see her on the street, but you two have never met.  She carries a Nikon Rebel XS and three year-old magazines with her almost all the time, as if she knows something we don’t. She wears hand-made earrings that walk the line between silly and classy. She carries small purses with almost nothing in them. Her nails are metallic or bright crystal-colored one day, then plain the next, as she could never give up a life of interest and work for femininity. It doesn’t much matter, as she’s typically wearing gloves. She never takes lunches. She wears ridiculous headbands with simple dresses & never has sensible shoes, doesn’t care a lick about how she looks once she steps out her front door & never holds back a complement, even if it’s improper.

She works to be honest, if not candid, at all times. She’s bound to win every fight and she has no interest in anything she deems boring. She has a collection of big old church-lady hats & likes to make collages out of things that others might just throw out.  She has an obsession with buying colorful, two-toned wigs that look nothing like real hair. She is lucky. She has three key chains:  Link, a tag that says, “You can always come home,” and a wristband that reads, “Lodestar Crew: Flying Larceny and Occasional Heroism.” She can mix [any] drink.

Animal print everythings, high, senseless shoes, antique brooches fashioned into hair pins, big hair, over-the-top eye make-up with glitter eye-liner, outrageously colored faux furs, ancient books, heels bejewled with her name, colored mascara, perhaps a retro scooter.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥

Her friends rumor that she leads a charmed life–thousands of social gatherings. She grows slightly embarrassed when someone mentions a book she hasn’t read. She believes she views the world in neon clarity & it’s hard to argue that. Her night jobs include Roller Derby and Effies Club Follies comedy burlesque, that is, when her night job is not her day job (and when she’s not otherwise occupied with a bubble bath and a tiara).

Everything about her is chrysanthemumesque, from the way her hair smells to the colors she wears. She is triumphant in many things & charming really–covered in them.

Something about her…
She could go on for galaxies.