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This year I participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. ~200 items worth ~10k points were released on Saturday August 2 and we were given exactly 7 days to complete them all with our team of 15 total people. All of the submissions where in the form of video or picture. I’ve been trying to find the best medium to share our completed challenges, and I landed on wordpress.

Challenges Team Athens (myself and Victoria) Completed

Note: We enlisted some friends to help. Thanks Sarah, George, Kyle, Sondra, Benjamin, Tim, and random people we met along the way.

Item 176: Try to make yourself look exactly like an iconic local statue (in every detail) and stand next to it.

Item 106:  Let’s see a fully dressed, face-painted geisha mowing the lawn

Item #29. If you’re like me, you’re sick of the go-to barista foam-art. If I have to sip at another latte adorned with a fern or clover shape, I’m going to cry. Let’s see the Elopus professionally recreated in the foam of a café’s hot drink. (This one was all Victoria.)

121: Challenge a movie theater employee: If you beat them in an arm-wrestling competition, they have to give you a free ticket. If they beat you, you’ll buy one. (This one was also all Victoria)

#147 It’s summertime and everyone loves a lemonade stand. But then again, every Tom, Dick and Harry is setting up a lemonade stand in the summertime and the market is flooded. Respond to consumer demand and carve out your own niche. Let’s see two children manning a “Hot Pasta With Jam Sauce” stand.

#35 Suck the blood from a doughnut.

37. [IMAGE] “When I grow up, I want to be…” Have a child dress up as what they want to be when they grow up (lawyer, doctor, ballerina, dragon-slayer, etc.).

Item #154: IMAGE. Sculpt John Barrowman’s head from duct tape.

Item #49: IMAGE. Make a 5-foot in diameter bird’s nest on a sidewalk in an upscale neighborhood. Nest in it.

Item 148: GISHWHES rock band album cover including one, some or all of your teammates.

Item #28. Stage a mini-newspaper boat regatta in a public fountain with at least four competing vessels. We must see intense competitiveness and gambling.


#36: You at the beach, pool or on a boat, wearing a homemade, 99% edible, candy bathing suit. (The remaining 1% can be inedible thread or wire, but we don’t want to see it.)

Item #12: GISHWHES has taken its toll this year. You deserve a break. Hit the hot tub with a couple of friends… wearing hats made of ice cream.

Item #134-You or your pet, in period costume, seated on a Game of Thrones-style kale throne.Make it so good that GOT producers would want it as a marketing poster

Item 130: An angel made from feminine hygiene products.

#178 Birds have style too. Create an architecturally-significant GISHWHESESQUE birdhouse. Hang it on a tree in a public park. On the photo, write the name of the park and the city and country in which it is installed.


#173 You see people holding up signs from time to time that say “free hugs.” I have always been wary of those people. I don’t know what it is they’re after. Are they trying to cop a feel? Get me to buy a timeshare? I avoid them. But your “free hugs” sign won’t leave any doubt in the readers’ minds… Wearing a bathing suit, cover every inch of your exposed skin with honey, peanut butter, syrup or jam. Hold a sign on a busy public sidewalk that reads, “Free Hugs.” Enthusiastically attempt to recruit hug-victims.

#8 A lot of politicians oppose minimum wage laws. Let’s expand their horizons: pay an elected official less than minimum wage to do at least 1 hour of yard work for you.





Journal Time Up!

This past week, I finished up all pages in the notebook of my journal. The time with this journal spanned over 10 years, many life changes, and even more shopping and to-do lists. I thought I would go ahead and post my very first and my very last entry.

I’m wondering why there’s all this emphasis on maturity and growing up. I never wanted to grow up to begin with, and now I’m all upset because I acted irrationally and immaturely. I guess it’s because I’m worried about what effects it’s going o have in the long term, but . . . well . . . maybe it’s because I’ve ruined so many of these things in the past.
Well, this is it. The last page. We have moved in to our house (the one we bought!) so it’s obviously the end and beginning of an era. It’s only right that this journal should end, as well.
The house is perfect and adorable and requires so much work. I keep telling people that it’s like having a child–I’m exhausted all the time but I’m so happy.
. . .
What a boring, devoid of emotion entry for my final page. That’s okay. I’m excited about the new house and the new process of adulthood. I’m probably a different person from 2003. I’ve grown into the person I was afraid of, and I’m pretty sure I like myself a lot more, now.