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Make Something Cool Every Day

Brock Davis decided to make something cool every day for a year and post it in this album. Look through the whole thing, and make sure to read the titles. It’s fascinating, and totally worth the 15-20mins.

Pho†ographer Unknown

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Not to self: Dance underwater more often.

I’ll be your sea

Druid Power!

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Goldfish on the Brain

I came dangerously close to buying a goldfish, yesterday.

I don’t know why, I guess I’ve just had




Rania Matar

Photographer Rania Matar began A Girl and her Room in 2009. She has since traveled the world over to photograph teenagers and young women (12-23) in the unique worlds of their bedrooms. Matar’s thoughts on the project:

I originally let the girls choose the place of their choice and was slowly welcomed into their bedrooms, an area that is theirs, that they can fully control, decorate, trash and be themselves in – within an outside world that is often intimidating...I was fascinated to discover a person on the cusp on becoming an adult, but desperately holding on to the child she just barely left behind. A person on the edge between two worlds, trying to come to terms with this transitional time in her life and adjust to the person she is becoming. Posters of rock stars, political leaders or top models were often displayed above a bed still covered with stuffed animals; mirrors were always an important part of the room, a reflection of the girls' image to the outside world.
Being with those young women in the privacy of their world gave me a unique peek into their private lives and their real selves.

See the entire project here: http://www.raniamatar.com/portfolio/recent/girl-room.php#girl-room/1-01.jpg

An Animal and his Prints

I should have known this was The Blonde Salad

The Sun Lowers

I saw this photo submitted for photo of the week on TheatreFace. It was submitted by Andrew Hungerford, the lighting designer. The set design was by Daniel C. Walker, who I couldn’t find a site/portfolio for.

Oh, right and the production was K2 by Patrick Meyers – Performance Network Theatre, Ann Arbor MI: January 2010, which got a whole lot of buzz, if you google it, probably because of how gorgeous it was.

Bowling Bride

Photo by Steve Koo Photography.